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I am statox, a software engineer since 2016. On this blog you can find my technical writtings, my side projects as well as other stuff I do.

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Gray-Scott model

An implementation of the Gray-Scott model for Reaction-diffusion systems implemented on the GPU with WebGL. This time I used the regl library to make my code easier to write and maintain. The page contains a writting explaining more in detail what these systems are and how I implemented this project.

Demo - Code - Article

Game of Life (WebGL)

A game of life implementation running on the GPU thanks to WebGL. This one taught me how to use vanilla WebGL and was an introduction to GPGPU: The world is actually held by a 2d texture and is updated with a shader program. And another shader program is responsible for rendering the texture to the screen. This was the opportunity for me to discover that using WebGL is very clunky and that while it's a good learning experience it is a good idea to use a framework like regljs to simplify WebGL code.

Demo - Code

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