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(And someone made a better UI here)

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Remove commit from history 🔗

Reminder on zsh escape ^ in HEAD^ with HEAD\^

Remove the last commit from history but keep the working tree

git reset HEAD^

Remove the last commit of the history completely and discard changes

git reset --hard HEAD^ # THIS DISCARDS CHANGES

Sign an older commit in your branch 🔗

This will do an interactive rebase, playing git commit --amend --no-edit -n -S
after each commit

(Check if -n is useful I can't find it in the man)

git rebase --exec 'git commit --amend --no-edit -n -S' -i my-branch

Change the date of a commit 🔗

Additional details in this SO answer

GIT_COMMITTER_DATE="Wed, 28 Jul 2021 08:12:19 +0200" GIT_AUTHOR_DATE="Wed, 28 Jul 2021 08:12:19 +0200" git commit

Date formats

Git internal format = <unix timestamp> <time zone offset>, e.g.  1112926393 +0200
                    <unix timestamp> is the number of seconds since the UNIX epoch.
                    <time zone offset> is a positive or negative offset from UTC. (E.g CEST is +0200)
RFC 2822            = e.g. Thu, 07 Apr 2005 22:13:13 +0200
ISO 8601            = e.g. 2005-04-07T22:13:13

Get the logs of a specific line 🔗

See this SO answer

git log -L '/the line from your file/,+1:path/to/your/file.txt'

or with line number:

git log -L15,+1:'path/to/your/file.txt'

or with a funcname:

git log -L :<funcname>:<file>

Auto fix commits 🔗

To fix an existing commit aaaaaa:

# Do changes
git commit --fixup aaaaaa
git rebase -i --autosquash master

-i --autosquash will open an interactive rebase but the fixup commits are already ready.

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