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A boring jumping game

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I had a bit of free time and wanted to explore which is a p5.js library to create simple games. I think it follows pretty well the philosophy of the whole processing ecosystem which is to provide simple tools meant to let people easily and quickly create small projects without caring too much about performance, quality or complexity.

So I came up with this simple little game. It is ugly (and the code is even worse than the UI), gets boring after two or three rounds and has a weird bug where the player will sometimes get stuck on the top wall, but it was fun to make!

It was a nice way to start using Sprite objects which make it very easy to handle collisions, acceleration and all kind of simple physic properties.

It is also a first try to embed pens from in my blog, just to see if that's something I want to do more in the future.

See the Pen p5play - jumping by Adrien Fabre (@statox) on CodePen.

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