The stuff I do

Pedals 🔗

A work in progress list of resources for the effect pedals I use in my pedalboard.

My pedalboard in Feb. 2022

A picture of my pedalboard as of February 2022.

Sample settings 🔗

Boss BD-2 (similar to Behringer BO100) 🔗

Boss BD2 sample settings

Boss OC-3 🔗

Boss OC-3 sample settings

ZVEX Instant LoFi Junky 🔗

TODO: Turn that into images and come up with my own sample settings. Current settings taken from this video.

Compressed signal only Comp/Lofi at 0%.

Pure Vibrato Comp/Lofi at 100%

Mellow Chorus All pots at 50%

Brighter Chorus with commpressed signal

Important part here is the Tone pot. Up: Let high cuts through. Down: Mellow things out.

Users manuals 🔗

See my user manuals page.

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