The stuff I do

Pedals 🔗

A work in progress list of resources for the effect pedals I use in my pedalboard.

My pedalboard in Feb. 2022

A picture of my pedalboard as of February 2022.

Sample settings 🔗

Boss BD-2 (similar to Behringer BO100) 🔗

Boss BD2 sample settings

Boss OC-3 🔗

Boss OC-3 sample settings

ZVEX Instant LoFi Junky 🔗

TODO: Turn that into images and come up with my own sample settings. Current settings taken from this video.

Compressed signal only Comp/Lofi at 0%.

Pure Vibrato Comp/Lofi at 100%

Mellow Chorus All pots at 50%

Brighter Chorus with commpressed signal

Important part here is the Tone pot. Up: Let high cuts through. Down: Mellow things out.

Users manual 🔗

These manuals are not my creation. They are not distributed under the same licence as the rest of this blog. They includes logos, images and trademarks which belong to their respective owners. I have found these manual distributed by a lot of different sources on the internet so I assume it is fine to have a mirror here, especially because I link to the official resources too.

I don't make any money out of these downloads and I keep them only for my own documentation. If you are a lawyer and have an issue with that please contact me and I'll remove things as needed.

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