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Pedals 🔗

A work in progress list of resources for the effect pedals I use in my pedalboard.

My pedalboard (front) in Jan. 2024
My pedalboard (back) in Jan. 2024

A picture of my pedalboard as of January 2024.

Some stats:

The power supply is a Donner DP-2 I can't find a lot of references to it online but I'm quite happy with it: It is very quiet and just does the job.

Signal chain:

PetersonStrobostomp HDTuner and mute buttonPeterson (mirror)
BossOC-3Octaver. Bass and low synth soundsRoland (mirror)
BehringerBO100Overdrive. "not a clone" of the Boss BD-2. Overall light overdrive to add some sustain and space.Behringer (mirror)
DonnerDark MouseOp. Amp distortion. Two modes from overdrive to heavy distortionDonner (mirror)
ZVEXInstant Lofi JunkyVibrato+Compressor. Lofi vibe mixing vibrato, chorus-y sounds with a compressor.ZVEX (mirror)
BossCH-1Chorus. I haven't found a good way to incorporate it to my sound yet but it's fun to use once in a whileRoland (mirror)
Electro-HarmonixCanyonDelay. A very complete delay pedal from classic delay, to tape and modulation delays. The shimmer mode give a nice wide reverb and the octave mode plays amazingly with the EQD AfterneathEHX (mirror)
EarthQuaker DevicesAfterneathA crazy reverb pedal. It's quite hard to describe but creates crazy ambient sounds which reverberate to the infinity. The user manual is worth a read, it approaches the pedal as a role playing gameEQD (mirror)
ToneCityTiny SpringA discreet reverb. Always on to add some space to the (mirror)
BossRC-3Loop station with "start record on play", tap tempo and a drum machineRoland (mirror)
BossRC-10rLoop station with two parts loop and larger drums than the RC-3Owner's manual (mirror) / Parameter guide (mirror)

My pedalboard in Feb. 2022

A picture of my pedalboard as of February 2022.

Sample settings 🔗

Boss BD-2 (similar to Behringer BO100) 🔗

Boss BD2 sample settings

Boss OC-3 🔗

Boss OC-3 sample settings

ZVEX Instant LoFi Junky 🔗

TODO: Turn that into images and come up with my own sample settings. Current settings taken from this video.

Compressed signal only Comp/Lofi at 0%.

Pure Vibrato Comp/Lofi at 100%

Mellow Chorus All pots at 50%

Brighter Chorus with commpressed signal

Important part here is the Tone pot. Up: Let high cuts through. Down: Mellow things out.

Users manuals 🔗

See my user manuals page.

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