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I am statox, a software engineer since 2016. On this blog you can find my technical writtings, my side projects as well as other stuff I do.

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Tic Tac Wow

Using tic tac toe variants as an excuse to experiment with more front-end development and with game theory. I implemented an online version of the game Gobblet Gobblers and various IA playing the game.

Demo - Code


By far one of my most complete front-end projects. This is an assistant for the game Astroneer allowing the user to plan their production with graph, power and storage analysis and resource trading. The app also includes an encyclopedia of the game items. I didn't finish it completely because the game started bugging on me and that severly impacted my motivation to work on the tool but it was a huge learning experience, especially regarding the framework Svelte.

Demo - Code

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