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Circular p5 jump


Goal: A new version of p5-jump but in a circular track.


The track should be circular.
The player starts at an angle of 0 and the goal is to make as many full cycles as possible.
The progress detection could be:

  • Start at angle 0
  • On each frame check the current angle
    • If it's larger than the previous max value update it
    • If it's larger than 2 pi, add 1 turn to the counter and reset with the difference to zero
    • Make sure to handle <0 angle to avoid counting "reverse" turns

The obstacles could be generated either from the angle 0 or directly behind the player and starting in the opposite direction.

The player should be able to control forward/backward and jump

In a v2 it would be interesting to work on graphics: Using a sprite of a stick-person running and jumping, maybe animating the obstacles too.

Homemade monitoring system


Goal: Setup a cheap monitoring and alerting platform for my personal infrastructure.

Things to monitor:

  • Pihole
  • This website
  • Backups from my NAS

Homemade Arduino weather station


Goal: Setup a weather monitoring system for the house.


  • Multiple temperature, humidity and air quality sensors across the house
    • Probably running on arduino nano or raspberry-pi zero
  • A centralized server getting the data from the sensors
  • A monitoring system with history of the data

Todo page on the blog


This page is a work in progress that I want to finish.

  • [ ] Rework the UI to better show the items (for now it is mostly based on the notes layouts)
  • [x] Add the ability to add an entry from a Github issue like it's done with the chords
  • [ ] Add sort and search features (by name, content and tags)
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